Glutton Guide: Shanghai 2018/2019 PDF Edition


5.00 out of 5

These local treasures are easy to miss and hard to find – unless you know exactly where to look.
Don’t waste another meal or valuable stomach space eating at places you stumble upon while wandering around.

Glutton Guide Shanghai includes:
• Dish-specific ordering recommendations
• Neighborhood guides and tips on where to stay
• Day trips outside of the city – Hangzhou & Nanxiang included
• Foodie Activities for hands-on fun

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If you’re like us, you know how hard it is to eat your way through a city like Shanghai. The best local food in the city is often served at restaurants with Chinese menus that are impossible to decipher unless you’ve got help – and there’s so many great Western restaurants its hard to figure out which one is worth eating in!

Meet Glutton Guide Shanghai: The Food Guidebook. Written by a local foodie for foodies, this digital PDF is an eater’s guide to the best food in the city, and all you will need to ensure you never waste a mouthful eating your way through Shanghai.

For less than the price of a cocktail in Shanghai, Glutton Guide guarantees you’ll blow by all the tourist traps and eat like a local, whether you’re looking for the local specialty xiaolongbao or a Parisian bistro in the former French Concession. The completely updated for 2018-2019 digital guidebook is available in PDF format, so you can use it on just about any travel-friendly device.

Stop eating like a tourist, and start eating like a local by buying Glutton Guide Shanghai: The Food Guidebook now.


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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Glutton Guide: Shanghai 2018/2019 PDF Edition

  1. Sarah
    5 out of 5


    Glutton guide was essential in shanghai we used it to find somewhere to eat for every meal and they were all awesome! the travel tips were an extremely helpful added bonus

  2. Rana
    5 out of 5



    Can’t say enough good things about the shanghai glutton guide. We bought the guide on a whim withough knowing much about it but decided for the low price to give it a try. First of all the reccomendations are incredible- we got to trying around 5 places (all were incredible) before we became so obsessed with one of the hotpot recommendations that we just kept going back to the same restaurant. TripAdvisor always steers you to the places of the tourists – and I was never happy with that. This book guides you through extremely local places where knowing mandarin is a must – BUT the guide tells you what to order – how to pronounce it and writes it in Chinese letters in case they can’t understand you. Each resturant has excellent abrievations for the location, price, category, and if its good for breakfast lunch and or dinner. Also it has the locations in Chinese which is useful for cabs. I have to say the guide is very very extensive, and extremely useful for all aspects of food (markets, mandarin, tea, everything). I have to say the glutton guide has really made our shanghai experience so unique and it’s really upsetting knowing that I can’t buy one of these guides in every single city of the world.

    One thing to note is that actually you will save money by buying this guide – as most really local stuff is super cheap and definitely much cheaper than the tourist spots.

  3. Zara
    5 out of 5


    A truly essential guide to have if you love food, as I do. I have visited Shanghai several times and mostly sought the help of trip advisor, but some of the most popular restaurants aren’t always the best. This guide is gives it’s reader much more too. Because it’s written by people with a true passion for food. They share lots of great tips, not only dining options, but nightlife, shopping and even accomodation hints. Can’t wait to return to Shanghai to use the guide again and eat more of those delicious tarts from Lillian’s. Thankyou.

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