Glutton Guide: Prague 2017 PDF Edition


Glutton Guide Prague helps readers hurdle the language barrier with ease, providing ordering instructions in English and Czech for each local restaurant, as well as bilingual addresses and public transport information for all listings in the guide. All you have to worry about is working up an appetite!

Inside Glutton Guide Prague:

  • Prague’s Must-Do Culinary Experiences
  • Must-try Czech Dishes
  • Best Food Streets & Areas
  • Best International Restaurants
  • Dining With a View
  • Top Hotels for Foodies
  • Nightlife Guide
  • Czech Language Guide
  • And so much more!



Dining out in Prague is full of challenges – from the language barrier to the tourist trap restaurants full of hidden charges to proper beer hall etiquette. You need a primer to truly eat like a local!

Meet Glutton Guide Prague: The Food Guidebook. Written by a local foodie for foodies, this e-book is an eater’s guide to the best food in the city, and all you will need to ensure you never waste a mouthful eating your way through Prague.

The best local food in the city is often served at restaurants with Czech-only menus, so we’ve listed what to order in the local language as well as what international restaurants are worth your precious bites!

For less than the amount you’ll save drinking a few beers at ‘local prices’ in Prague, Glutton Guide guarantees you’ll blow by all the tourist traps and eat like a local, whether you’re looking for the farmer’s markets, food tours, must-try traditional dishes or foodie trips out of town. And the digital guidebook is available in PDF, Kindle & iBooks formats, so you can see it on your favorite travel-friendly device.

Stop eating like a tourist, and start eating like a local by buying Glutton Guide Prague: The Food Guidebook here now.

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