Glutton Guide: Montreal (2017 PDF Edition)


These local treasures are easy to miss and hard to find – unless you know exactly where to look.
Don’t waste another meal or valuable stomach space eating at places you stumble upon while wandering around.

Glutton Guide Montreal includes:
• Dish-specific ordering recommendations
• Neighborhood guides and tips on where to stay
• Day trips outside of the city – farmers’  markets, sugar shacks, foodie festivals & more
• Foodie activities for hands-on fun

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Dining out in Montreal in a can be overwhelming – from the language barrier to the tourist trap restaurants full of hidden charges to proper beer hall etiquette. You need a primer to truly eat like a local!

Meet Glutton Guide Montreal: The Food Guidebook. Written by local foodies for foodies, this e-book is an eater’s guide to the best food in the city, and all you will need to ensure you never waste a mouthful eating your way through Montreal.

This guide will help turn your Montreal holiday into a discovery of the city’s most authentic and delicious foods.

For less than price of a cocktail, Glutton Guide guarantees you’ll blow by all the tourist traps and eat like a local, whether you’re looking for the best farmer’s markets, food tours, must-try locally-sourced cuisine or foodie trips out of town. And the digital guidebook is available in PDF, Kindle & iBooks formats, so you can see it on your favorite travel-friendly device.

Stop eating like a tourist, and start eating like a local by buying Glutton Guide Montreal: The Food Guidebook here now.

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