Where to Find Montreal’s Food Trucks

Already read about Montreal’s best food trucks, but just can’t seem to track them down? Use these resources to figure out where they’re hiding, and check Glutton Guide Montreal for food that won’t roll away!

Vendors rotate between 20 different spots around the city. You can locate the trucks using the city’s website, or on the Montreal Street Food Quest website or mobile app. There’s also a Google Map with some of the more popular food truck meeting spots highlighted.

The first Friday of every month from May to October is a guaranteed winner (creatively named “First Friday”), as all the trucks head to the Olympic Park for the biggest rally of food trucks in Canada starting in the late afternoon. Grab some poutine, tacos and pulled pork from the more than 40 trucks on site, and enjoy the DJs and entertainment.

You can also find the trucks at events like the Electronik Piknic, Yul Eat, Bouffons Montréal and Mondial de la Bière. For special events schedules, check-out f00d.ca/montreal/ or the Quebec’s Food Truck Association’s website.

And if you like to eat and ride a bike, check out Round Table Tours’ Food Truck Cycle tour, where you bike from food truck to food truck, past the scenic Lachine Canal, Old Montreal, downtown and the Historic Southwest, learning about each operator and the history of the city along the way.

Cool! Check out Glutton Guide Montreal for a place to sit down and eat after a busy day of food truck tracking!