A Taste of Knowledge – Traditional Desserts in Argentina, Translated & Explained

If you love sweets and are also intrigued by local food knowledge, Glutton Guide Buenos Aires has a treat for you! This list of delicious terms is every bit as sugary as it looks, and you’ll want to add everything to your culinary itinerary.

Diabetics beware: porteños have quite the sweet tooth and are unabashedly gluttonous when it comes to desserts. Classic Argentine cakes and pies are often local twists on European classics (usually gooier, sweeter and likely smothered in dulce de leche, or DDL). Expect to find DDL in places you never thought possible, as well as iterations of chocolate, meringue and fruits. And then there’s the helado (ice cream), which rounds out the Argentine holy trinity, right up there with Messi and the Pope.

Sweets Dictionary

Alfajores: two round cookies with DDL in between, either made with flour (harina) and covered in chocolate or powdered sugar, or with cornstarch (maicena) and rolled in toasted coconut

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Budín de pan: bread pudding

Chocotorta: a no-bake favorite at friendly gatherings made of Chocolinas cookies dunked in milk/coffee, with layers of DDL + cream cheese

Flan mixto: a typical flan or crème caramel with helpings of whipped cream and DDL

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Lemon pie: tart lemon pie with a generous portion of meringue on top

Membrillo: quince paste

Panqueques: a thin crepe filled with DDL or marmalade

Pasta frola: a pie with a lattice crust made with quince paste, sweet potato paste or guava jelly

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Postre vigilante or queso y dulce: thick slice of cheese accompanied with quince paste or sweet potato paste

Rogel: thin layers of puff pastry alternating with layers of DDL and topped with meringue

Is your mouth watering yet? You can find out the best places in Buenos Aires to eat every single one of these decadent desserts : just take a look at Glutton Guide Buenos Aires! You’ll be the life of the party! And your friends and family will be eternally indebted to you for introducing them to such heavenly, sugary goodness.