Our Favs from the New Edition of Glutton Guide Shanghai

We just updated Glutton Guide Shanghai for the 2017-2018 edition, and here’s five of our top listings we added. Download your copy of Glutton Guide Shanghai here. Don’t forget to send us your original proof of purchase if you would like an upgraded copy.

The Cannery

The second gastrolounge from the guys behind popular The Nest, this sleek and chic restaurant focuses on seafood dishes designed to share at the table. The whole tuna jaw is on practically every table, for the visual as much as the flavor, and the cocktails play well with the whole menu. On Sundays, they do an excellent brunch.

#106, 1107 Yuyuan Rd, near Jiangsu Rd. Subway: Line 9/11 – Jiangsu Road. Tel: +86 21 5276 0599. Hours: Mon-Sat 5:30-1am, Sun 11:30am-1am.

Daimon Bistro / Bo Shanghai

Owned by “Demon Chef” Alvin Leung, this pair of restaurants serve up twists on Chinese classics. Daimon Bistro focuses mainly on Cantonese dim sum with Southeast Asian and French accents, ie: chili crab xiaolongbao, foie gras potstickers, siu mai with Sichuan beef. Cocktails mix liquor with Vitasoy & Horlicks to surprisingly delicious results. Bo Shanghai is high-end multi-course meal that (RMB 1500 + 15% for one) brings French accents to regional Chinese dishes – zongzi (glutinous rice balls steamed in bamboo leaves) adorned with slivers of shaved black truffle and salted duck egg yolk. After eating here, you’ll understand why Leung’s Bo Innovation in Hong Kong has boasted three Michelin stars since 2014.

6/F, Bund 5, 20 Guangdong Rd, by Zhongshan East 1st Rd.Subway: Line 2/10 – East Nanjing Rad. Tel: +86 21 5383- 2031 / 5383-3656. Hours: 6:30-11pm. Menu: English & Chinese.

Liu Dao Men 六道门

Spicy Sichuan noodles don’t get much better than the ones here. An aging member of a Chengdu rock band started the place, replacing his hair- raising guitar riffs with tongue-tingling spice mixtures. The small space gets packed during mealtimes, but seats turn over quickly. There’s a placard to indicate your spice preference, and don’t be ashamed of starting at mild (微 ).

419-1 Xinhua Rd, near Dingxi Rd. Subway: Line 9/10 – Jiaotong University. No phone. Hours: 11am-9pm. Menu: Chinese only.

Miss Ali 阿里集

At this upscale Uighur restaurant, the well-equipped bar serves not just Xinjiang’s famous black beer, but also Belgian brews and glasses of imported wine (the meat is halal, but the booze is not). The focus here is squarely on the Baerchuke lamb – not just any old sheep will do. Thanks to the wild vegetables of the area that serve as much of the feed for the animals, the meat is high in protein and low in cholesterol – and that typical gamey smell that accompanies most lamb is non-existent here.

FFC Location (West): 133 Fuxing Rd (West), near Yongfu Rd. Subway: Line 10 – Shanghai Library. Tel: +86 21 6433 4261. Hours: 11:30am-2pm & 5:30-10pm. Menu: Chinese & English.

FFC Location (East): 101 Yandang Rd, near Nanchang Rd. Subway: Line 13 – Middle Huaihai Rd or Line 1 – South Huangpi Rd. Tel: +86 6308 5165. Hours: 11am-2pm & 5:30-10pm. Menu: Chinese & English.

JA Location: 2F, 20 Yuyuan Rd (East), near Tongren Rd. Subway: Line 2/7 – Jing’an Temple. Tel: +86 6335 5016. Hours: 11am- 2pm & 5:30-10pm. Menu: Chinese & English.

Sober Kitchen

Part of the Sober Company building that spreads a café, restaurant and bar over three floors, Sober Kitchen brings together Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes on one menu. Only tables of 6 or more can book a table, so expect to wait at the bar (the concept is owned by one of the city’s best bartenders, so you may as well). Try the foie gras mapo tofu for a silky, fusion treat.

99 Yandang Rd, near Nanchang Rd. Subway: Line 13 – Middle Huaihai Rd. Tel: +86 21 5309 8261. Hours: 5pm-1am. Menu: English & Chinese.

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