Southern and Spiced – Melbourne’s Best Southeast Asian Restaurants

If you’re itching for a taste of the varied and bright flavors of Southeast Asia, never fear: you have plenty of opportunities to do so in Australia! Glutton Guides Melbourne has anticipated your needs and has compiled a list of Melbourne’s best Southeast Asian restaurants! How kind, how thoughtful. 

Gingerboy – Southeast Asian 

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Teage Ezard is a top chef who has restaurants in Melbourne, but has also worked in Asia. Here, he created a more casual experience featuring Southeast Asian style street food in a buzzing, market-like environment.

Uncle – Vietnamese 

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This is refined Vietnamese food in very funky surroundings. Head upstairs for one of the most beautiful dining spaces around. 

Jinda Thai – Thai 

Could this be the best budget Thai restaurant in Melbourne? It’s super popular – please book ahead. It’s best not to drive your own car – parking is non-existent.

Quan 88 – Vietnamese-Chinese

Victoria Street is known to many people as Little Vietnam, and Quan 88 is Vietnamese-Chinese. It’s not fancy – but its great value and is the true spirit of Victoria Street before the fancy cafes and bars moved in.

Chin Chin – Southeast Asian

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Get your party on with these loud, raucous and in-your-face flavors of Southeast Asia. Since opening in 2011 (and renovating in 2016), it remains one of Melbourne’s favorites. The wine list is Australian only, but watch out – their no reservations policy can mean long queues. You can always wait at the custom built ‘waiting bar’ Go-Go, just around the corner.

Laksa Bar – Malaysian 

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These bowls of coconut-based curry laska are bursting with flavor. A bustling and energetic place full of city workers during the lunch rush, Laksa Bar serves tasty, inexpensive dishes that will fill you up for the rest of the day.

Pho Nom – Vietnamese 

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Want the best Vietnamese food outside of Vietnam? People will tell you to go to Footscray or Richmond, but they are missing out on Jerry Mai’s exceptional offering. Jerry and her brother David have done fine dining over the years and have now elected to serve good honest pho (noodle soup), banh mi (baguette sandwiches) and nem (rice paper rolls) in a cafeteria. Everything is ethically sourced and under AUD 15. It’s not glamorous, but the food is excellent.

After all those bright, warm flavors, some dessert is probably in order. Whether a nice cafe or some delicious ice cream floats your boat, check out Glutton Guide Melbourne for some recommendations.

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