Satisfying Salads – Where to Eat Healthy in Shanghai

Sure, eating your weight in xiaolongbao is a rite of a passage for any visitor to Shanghai, but sometimes you just need a salad. Don’t worry: Glutton Guide  knows just where you should go to eat healthy in Shanghai. 

Hunter Gatherer 

This fast casual restaurant serves seed-to-table salads, soups, smoothies and paninis – most of it from their own organic farms, making it on the the best places to eat healthy in Shanghai. Both locations also have a grocery shop with imported staples like fair-trade chocolate and Sir Kensington’s ketchup, as well as nut butters ground to order and their own line of bottled cold-pressed juices. The second location in Xintiandi is even larger and offers a meat carvery as well as a “Chef of the Season” station featuring another one of Shanghai’s favorite cooks every time the weather changes.

Lizzy’s All Naturals

If you’re into nut butters, superfood smoothies, acai bowls and detox programs, Lizzy’s has you covered. Founded by a blonde haired, blue-eyed expat who is a walking advertisement for healthy living, Lizzy’s serves up their healthy eats on Kate & Kimi, Z&B Fitness or their WeChat store.


A Chinese maxim declares, “Only barbarians eat salad”, but Sproutworks, a salad emporium, is changing the local mindset with delicious options that span the globe. Try couscous with raisins and apples, mixed mushroom quinoa or kale & cranberry with parmesan from their mix-and-match menu.

It’s easy to eat healthy in Shanghai! Now that you’ve finished your salad, perhaps you’re feeling like something sweet? Glutton Guide Shanghai can give you recommendations for everything from Hong Kong desserts to fancy imported bakeries. 

by Jamie

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