Southern and Spiced – Melbourne’s Best Southeast Asian Restaurants

If you’re itching for a taste of the varied and bright flavors of Southeast Asia, never fear: you have plenty of opportunities to do so in Australia! Glutton Guides Melbourne has anticipated your needs and has compiled a list of Melbourne’s best Southeast Asian restaurants! How kind, how thoughtful. 

Gingerboy – Southeast Asian 

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Teage Ezard is a top chef who has restaurants in Melbourne, but has also worked in Asia. Here, he created a more casual experience featuring Southeast Asian style street food in a buzzing, market-like environment.

Uncle – Vietnamese 

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This is refined Vietnamese food in very funky surroundings. Head upstairs for one of the most beautiful dining spaces around. 

Jinda Thai – Thai 

Could this be the best budget Thai restaurant in Melbourne? It’s super popular – please book ahead. It’s best not to drive your own car – parking is non-existent.

Quan 88 – Vietnamese-Chinese

Victoria Street is known to many people as Little Vietnam, and Quan 88 is Vietnamese-Chinese. It’s not fancy – but its great value and is the true spirit of Victoria Street before the fancy cafes and bars moved in.

Chin Chin – Southeast Asian

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Get your party on with these loud, raucous and in-your-face flavors of Southeast Asia. Since opening in 2011 (and renovating in 2016), it remains one of Melbourne’s favorites. The wine list is Australian only, but watch out – their no reservations policy can mean long queues. You can always wait at the custom built ‘waiting bar’ Go-Go, just around the corner.

Laksa Bar – Malaysian 

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These bowls of coconut-based curry laska are bursting with flavor. A bustling and energetic place full of city workers during the lunch rush, Laksa Bar serves tasty, inexpensive dishes that will fill you up for the rest of the day.

Pho Nom – Vietnamese 

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Want the best Vietnamese food outside of Vietnam? People will tell you to go to Footscray or Richmond, but they are missing out on Jerry Mai’s exceptional offering. Jerry and her brother David have done fine dining over the years and have now elected to serve good honest pho (noodle soup), banh mi (baguette sandwiches) and nem (rice paper rolls) in a cafeteria. Everything is ethically sourced and under AUD 15. It’s not glamorous, but the food is excellent.

After all those bright, warm flavors, some dessert is probably in order. Whether a nice cafe or some delicious ice cream floats your boat, check out Glutton Guide Melbourne for some recommendations.

Glutton Guide Melbourne New Edition – Top Five New Listings!

We just updated Glutton Guide Melbourne for the 2017-2018 edition, and here’s five of our top listings we added. Download your copy of Glutton Guide Melbourne here. Don’t forget to send us your original proof of purchase if you would like an upgraded copy. 

Bad Frankie 

This bar specializes in Made-in-Oz craft spirits. In fact, that’s all they stock. Australia is producing small, interesting and world class alcohol so either order them classic or try one of Bad Frankie’s cocktails. If you’re hungry, they’ll make you a toasted sandwich, or as we call them in Oz – a jaffe.

141 Greeves St, Fitzroy. Tram: 86 (Stop 18) Hours: Sun, Tues-Wed 3pm-11pm, Thurs-Sat 3pm-1am. Tel: +61 3 9078 3866. Web:

Matcha Mylkbar

Wellness cafes are very fashionable right now. This place is vegan – but don’t let that stop you enjoying their “eggs” on toast. Also, they are big on alternative coffees. Try the golden turmeric or mushroom lattes – created with alternative mylks like cashew and coconut.

72 Acland St, St Kilda. Tram: 86 (Luna Park stop). Hours: 7.30am- 4pm. Tel: +61 4 1099 6494. Web:


This is one of the top dining experiences in Melbourne. Chef Koichi Minamishima is a Japanese sushi master who has lived and worked in Melbourne for many years. When you book, make sure you request to sit at the bar in front of Minamishima-San, and you’ll have a feast for both the eyes and the stomach.

4 Lord St, Richmond. Hours: Tues-Sat 6pm-10pm. Tram: 75 or 48 (Stop 19). Hours: Tel: +61 3 9429 5180. Web:


This is the only casual place in St Kilda with that magic combination of good food and ocean views (pictured above). Formerly ‘The Stokehouse Cafe’, this spot was synonymous with St Kilda beach dining since the 1920s, but burnt to the ground in 2014. The owners took two years to redesign and rebuild at a cost of over AUD 13 million. The menu is all about grilled meats, fresh salads and wood- red pizza. And they serve the drink of summer – frosé (rosé wine frozen into a slushie/slurpy).

30 Jacka Blvd, St Kilda. Tram: 86 (Luna Park stop + 5 mins walk). Hours: Mon-Sun noon-midnight. Tel: +61 3 9525 5445. Web: 


Frustrated with Turkish cuisine only represented by kebabs, Chef Coskun Uysal decided to show Melbourne something else about the food of his homeland. Tulum is a modern and delicious take on traditional avor, and if you’re lucky he’ll serve you personally.

217 Carlisle St, Balaclava. Train: Sandringham line (Balaclava station). Hours: Tues-Sun 4-11pm. Tel: +61 3 9525 9127. Web:

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The New Edition of Glutton Guide Melbourne is Out Now!

Melbourne, June 2017 – Glutton Guide Melbourne: The Hungry Traveler’s Guidebook is on a mission to help tourists eat like locals. Are you searching out the best avocado toast in town? Want to try a ‘roo burger? Looking for the best laneway bar? Or do you just need some advice about the top wine tours to Yarra Valley? Glutton Guide Melbourne has you covered.

The second edition of Glutton Guide Melbourne includes brand new sections on the best places to eat and drink in St Kilda and Richmond (we’re looking at you, Minamishima). The new edition also dives deeper into day and weekend trips around the region. This section includes wineries, gin distilleries, dairy farms and some of the best restaurants in the country. This edition keeps the best parts of Glutton Guide, offering a curated collection of dining experiences by one of the city’s foremost foodie experts.

About the Author

The author of Glutton Guide Melbourne is Monique Bayer. A Melbourne native and the owner of Walk Melbourne, she is also the author of Devouring Melbourne. Monique knows how much research is necessary to create a delicious meal-based itinerary, and she believes there is nothing worse than a mouthful wasted on mediocre guidebook recommendations when exploring a new country.

“Designed by a Melbourne foodie for foodies, Glutton Guide is all you’ll need to plan a memorable meal-based trip. The book highlights the city’s most delicious foods,” Monique says. “Glutton Guide is more than just a book of listings. It is an overview of the best food experiences in Melbourne and her surrounds. Most noteworthy are the respected coffee roasters the city is famous for. Get off the tourist trail and eat the best dishes, shoulder to shoulder with local diners.”

By concentrating just on the F&B offerings of a city, Glutton Guide Melbourne’s focus is narrower than broad-strokes guidebooks. As a result, Glutton Guide picks up where these books fall short by using locally-based author-eaters, like Monique, who know the city’s dining scene inside and out. Unlike travel writers who come and go, these locals bring their knowledge of the city to each edition. Moreover, the authors update the books regularly as the dining scene evolves.

Glutton Guide Melbourne is available for download from our website.

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Melbourne in 2017

Melbourne has near a quarter million Chinese people living in it. That means awesome Chinese food and great Spring Festival celebrations. Here’s our picks for how to best celebrate Chinese New Year in Melbourne in 2017.

Queen Victoria Market

Jan 28 at 2pm: Chinese New Year Melbourne Festival ambassador Elizabeth Chong hosts a free cooking demonstration. Also, local martial arts troupes, musicians and dancers will stage performances throughout the day. 

Jan 28 at 10pm: Pickett’s Deli and Rotisserie will be celebrating CNY with a three-course banquet featuring succulent suckling pig and rice cakes (an important auspicious dish in Chinese culture).

Feb 1 from 5pm-10pm: Expect fireworks, lion dances and more cultural activities at the Summer Night Market at Queen Victoria Market. 

Feb 11-12 from 12pm: Lantern Festival kicks off with traditional Asian food stalls and family activities. 

Yarra Valley

Jan 27 – Feb 12: Everyone who visits Eureka Skydeck 88 during Chinese New Year receives a red envelope (hongbao) for a chance to win prizes. Find your good fortune on lucky level 88 – the highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere.

Jan 28 at 10am5pm: The Federation of Chinese Association (FCA) will host a variety of family friendly Chinese New Year activities at Federation Square. Events include music, performances, and handicrafts.

Feb 8 at 6:30pm: Eureka 89 will host an Asian fusion dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year in Melbourne. 


Jan 27 – Feb 12: 

Celebrate with weekend events along Harbour Esplanade with Asian cuisine from The Food Truck Park from 12pm. Drinks go on until late as the sun sets over the water. Finally, enjoy traditional Chinese handicrafts and entertainment in a perfect waterside setting.

For Chinese New Year, the year of the Golden Fire Rooster, the Melbourne Star is offering 2-for-1 tickets. In order to get the discount, mention ‘Rooster 2017’ at the Melbourne Star ticketing booth to access this great offer. And don’t forget to collect your red envelope with amazing offers and deals. Visit at night to see the amazing Melbourne Star Chinese New Year inspired LED light show.

Russell Square

Jan 29 at 11am-9pm: Hawker stalls and produce stores serve traditional Chinese New Year treats on Russell Street. 

Queensbridge Square

Jan 28 10am-9pm: Enjoy free activities, entertainment on the big stage and cooking demonstrations by Elizabeth Chong and Lee Chan. In addition, the Food Truck Park will be serving up Asian cuisine throughout the day and into the night. In addition, the Cultural Kaleidoscope includes a series of Chinese cultural activities in the main Queensbridge Square area. 

To learn more about where to eat in Melbourne, download Glutton Guide Melbourne