One Shanghai food writer, and co-founder of local street food tour outfit Untours, Jamie Barys, has taken on the unenviable task of distilling the city’s kaleidoscopic dining scene into one tastefully curated collection of culinary highlights. Barys’ Glutton Guide Shanghai is the first in a series of e-books that gives travelers 130 pages of recommendations that they are not likely to find all in one place anywhere else, including top hotels for foodies, regional cuisine, and even food retailers. While Barys and her partner Kyle Long plan to release guides for Beijing and cities in other parts of the world, the Shanghai edition has now hit the virtual shelves. We took the opportunity to ask Barys what affluent Chinese diners in the city are eating.


Shanghai’s Best-Kept Culinary Secrets: Glutton Guide Shanghai

There’s a woman I’ve long admired in Shanghai – she speaks fluent Chinese and is a street food obsessive who knows all the best snacks and where to find them. Like me, she genuinely loves China – particularly its edible, delicious side.

Meet Jamie Barys, who, along with friend and business partner Kyle Long established Untour Shanghai, a hugely popular off-beat tour company. Their tours remain the best way to get to know Shanghai’s street foods, even for locals. “We wanted to show off the city’s best street food and hole-in-the-wall dumpling and noodle shops to visitors and expats who didn’t have the language skills or local food knowledge to find it themselves,” says Jamie. “So we started offering culinary tours of the breakfast stalls, night markets and everything in between.”


Jamie Barys’ Top 6 Street Foods

Hands up if you know who Jamie Barys is? She’s the co-founder of the awesome Shanghai food tour company Untour Shanghai.

She and business partner Kyle Long are also launching Glutton Guide Shanghai, a food-focused e-guidebook series aiming to tackle the problem of helping tourists eat like locals.

Eat Your Way Through Shanghai With Glutton Guide Shanghai

Jamie Barys’ mission in life is simple: help visitors and residents of Shanghai eat well. The Shanghai-based food writer set out to achieve her goal in December 2010 by launching UnTour Shanghai, a food tour company that guides guests to the best local hole-in-the-wall vendors and street food stands on a walking tour.

Since its inception, UnTour has steered more than 6,000 guests through some of the city’s best dumpling houses, night markets and hawker stalls. Now, she has taken her passion a step further with Glutton Guide Shanghai, the first e-guidebook in a new series dedicated to uncovering a city’s best places to eat and drink.

Review: Glutton Guide Shanghai

Buy the book?

Definitely. This book is essential to any visitors to Shanghai new to the food scene, but also extremely useful to those of us who live here. I’ve been in Shanghai for nearly a dozen years and haven’t tried all the restaurants recommended in the book. I’m going to use it as a checklist.